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Short Motivational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes
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Some talk to you in their
free time, and some free
their time to talk to you.
Learn the difference.

Accept what is. Let go of
What was. And have faith
In what will be.
Top 20+ “Inspirational Quotes”
Understanding is an art, and
Not everyone is an artist.

I was such a different
Person a year ago.

Postive Quotes to Inspire You

Life is really simple
But feelings and
Thinking makes it
Complicated .

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes, quotes
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Don’t give up.
Normally it is the last key
On the ring which opens the door.

The most expensive thing
In this world is
it can take years to earn
and only a matter of
seconds to lose.
Top 20+ “Inspirational Quotes”
Your struggle should be
More popular than
Your Success.

Remember the days you
Prayed for the
Things You have Now.

A seed grow with no sound
But a tree falls with huge noise.
Destructions has noise, but
Creation is quiet.
This is the power of Silence…
Grow Silently.

All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to
Hide an injured soul and they will
Never notice how broken you really Are.
Top 20+ “Inspirational Quotes”
Lazy people get time
To hate.

Those who fly solo have
The Strongest Wings.

Suffering is the true
Test of life.

When life shuts a door ,
Open it again.
It’s a door,
That’s how they work.

Push yourself,
Because no one else
Is going to do it
For you.

Remember, the feeling you get
From a good run is far better than
The feeling you get from sitting
Around wishing you were running.

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes,quotes
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Those who try to do something
Are infinitely better than
Those who try to do nothing
And succeed…

Most Inspirational Quotes

If you can’t fly, then run.
If you can’t run, then walk.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.
But whatever you do,
You have to keep moving forward.

When your focus is success and
You don’t get your break,
It will break you.
When your focus is service,
You don’t need a break
Because there are so many opportunities.

When we filter through meditation
Empathy and compassion rise,
Envy and
Competition lower.

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes, quote of the day
Success is about serving others,
Giving more than getting
And having a positive impact
On others.

Meditation or Mindfulness
Is a filtration system
For the mind
And consciousness.

You have to be careful
Who you make memories with
Because those things
Last a long time.

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes,quotes
Intention is the seed
We plant at the beginning of any activity.
You set your alarm alarm the
Night before just as you must set your
Intention the night before.

Where you spend time matters
Space carries Energy.

Elevated living is a state of operation.
When good comes your way
And success comes your way
You think how can reinvest this to use it
For something more?

A negative mind
Will never creat a positive life.
Become aware of who, where and what
You spend your time with.

Inspirational Quotes for Success

A Ten Minutes Conversation
With The Person You Love Is Enough To
Keep You Happy The Entire Day

Knowledge will give you power,
But character will give you

Nobody Is Superior,
Nobody Is Inferior,
But Nobody Is Equal Either.
People Are Simply Unique,
You Are You,
I Am I.

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes,quotes
They Swear They Don’t
Want To Lose You, Yet Act Like
They Don’t Want
To Keep You.

In a world where people say that
Everyon is going to leave you or betray you
Some day or the other, I believe
That my best friend will be there by my side
As long as I am alive…


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